Self Released

D8 DIMENSION formed back in 2009 out of Italy. They started out as five musicians
with different musical backgrounds all coming together to create Alternative Metal music.
As the years progressed they honed in on their sound adding in some other styles of
music. They have adding in elements of Groove Metal along with some Industrial Metal
influences. They later added in a sixth member along with some Electronica influences.
The music has become a very unique and different sound. These guys would be able to fit
in with bands of Metal, Electronica or Industrial genres. They have a cool groove that runs
through their sound with some harder edged Industrial parts. The Metal parts are more
melodic sounding as well as most of the vocals. This is where the Alternative Metal comes
into play. There are some heavier guitar parts at times that have a touch of Thrash Metal
in them. These guys reminded me of a more Metal version of
if they were and Electronica band? Does that make any sense?  The only thing I know is
that They have a cool different sound and I like what I heard a lot! If your a fan of
Industrial or Electronica bands, then your gonna love