D.I.S. was formed in 2008 out of Los Angeles, California and play a Thrashcore / Crossover
style of music. These guys definitely pull from their influences of bands from the mid 80's
and early 90's that were playing these styles. Thrashcore or Crossover was great time in
music because a lot of barriers in the Metal and Hardcore communities were coming down
and these styles were starting to merge together. A lot of this I think comes from the many
amazing bands out of New York from both genres doing shows together and connecting their
fans. Even those these guys hail from California, they have that East Coast dirty aggressive
sound running through their music. There music does at in some elements of Death Metal &
Crustcore at times. These are only done in small doses that fans of these genres will really
pick out. I love the fact that these guys have a really raw intense vibe all through out. It takes
me to the early days when I was skateboarding and hanging out with all different kinds of
people and being exposed to a lot of different music. Not liking a majority of the more
popular Metal of that time I turned to a lot of underground stuff and fell in love with
Thrashcore / Crossover music.
D.I.S., which stands for DESTROYED IN SECONDS has
that mean pissed off Punk Rock and the no holds barred were not gonna take any shit
attitude of Hardcore and drowned it in the fast intensity of Thrash Metal. Just listening to
songs like "Stay Damned" & "Built For The End" make me want to go out and wreck shit
up. Jon Tomala's vocals remind me of a lot of the Crustcore & Power Violence bands that
emerged out of the East Coast in the late 80's. If you grew up listening to music like this in
the late 80's and early 90's then "BECOMING WRATH" is the album that will take you
back to that time. The band features members of
and just takes what they did in those bands to another level. D.I.S. is a fast paced
spastic machine of anger & filth and just makes you want to be