DAEMONICUS is a Swedish Death Metal band that was spawned back in 2006. The
band, like many bands has gone through some line up changes and musical changes.
"DEADWORK" is the bands second full length release to date, which came out in late
2012. The band has evolved a little over the years perfecting their style of Death Metal
music. You can hear a strong Swedish Death Metal influence, since this is their home
country. They have a solid blend of brutal old school Death with melodic new school Death
Metal. Their music is ultra fast and blasting at times and them slows down slightly for the
more mellow and flowing dramatic parts. I really like the way these two styles were mixed
because it helps them stand out amongst the many bands in their genre. The music almost
reminded me of a blend of old
IN FLAMES with new IN FLAMES added in touches of
CHILDREN OF BODOM & ENTOMBED. There are some passages in their music that
are more atmospheric and orchestrated that have a heavy Black Metal vibe to them as well.
The vocals of Stefan Hagstrom are done in a mid ranged Death Metal growl style that goes
from aggressive to more melodic lower end Death growls. This is definitely a must for any
fan of the Swedish Death Metal scene or any of the other Nordic countries. A great release
from start to finish! A perfect representation of the Swedish Death Metal scene!!!