DAMNATION ANGELS is a highly talented symphonic Power Metal band out of
Doncaster, England. These guys formed back in 2006 and quickly built a huge following all
over Europe. With one demo and an EP under their belts they have finally released their
first full length album "BRINGER OF LIGHT". Their sound is in now the typical Power
Metal sound. They add in a lot of symphonic and Epic Power Metal elements to round out
their sound. The music is so well orchestrated and composed. The arrangements of the
songs really makes you feel like your on the battle field ready to for and Epic battle or
going on an Epic journey. They take you from fast paced aggression, but it is backed by
this huge symphonic sound, then they will slow it down into a mystical fantasy like
melodic Power Metal passage. The vocals are done in a clean strong and powerful Power
Metal vocal style that ranged from high to low and then into a slower more melodic almost
Traditional Metal vocal style. I felt the same way listening to their music as I do every time
I watch the
LORD OF THE RINGS movies. You go on this up beat journey that seems
fun and excited and then into some dark and scary stuff with some breather room in
between. It left me just wanting more and more. The only band I kept thinking of while
listening to them was
RHAPSODY, but only in the way I felt while listening to them,
cause I didn't think they sounding a like too much.
one massive release for their first full length and I hope they can top it next time around or
at least match it. After one listen to this album, there is no wonder they have caused a huge
stir in Europe and I hope they get the same attention and respect here in North America.