"PREY FOR THE FUTURE" is the debut release from the Raleigh, North Carolina band
DARK DESIGN. These guys play Power / Thrash Metal music with a touch of
Progressive Metal thrown in. Their sound is a classic '80's Power Metal style with mid to
late '80's Thrash Metal mixed in and modern Progressive Metal mixed through out. The
music is well thought out and structured, with great thought and attention in every area. The
guitar work is definitely where all the Thrash and Speed Metal come into play. They have
some all out shredding parts with some intricate and heavily involved guitar parts. The way
the songs have been arranged is the Progressive Metal influences coming out. The vocal
styling of  Andrew Bertrand along with the mixture of backing vocals from the rest of the
band combine all the above styles together. The majority of the vocals are done in a mid
ranged Thrash Metal style with some higher pitched and cleaner Power Metal vocals. When
the rest of the band joins in with the vocals you get that aggressive and chant along Thrash
Metal sound. These guys are a killer new Thrash / Power Metal band that deserves a lot of
attention. This is a must for fans that dig both the classic Bay Area Thrash Metal sound as
well as the more recent 2000's European Power Metal scene. If
deliver more quality top notch Metal albums like "PREY FOR THE FUTURE" then they
will quickly become well know in the Metal community!