Cruz Del Sur Music

DARK FOREST hails from the United Kingdom and plays Power / Heavy Metal music.
These guys have been creating their blend of Metal since 2002 and just keep getting
better with each new release. They play in a very strong Traditional Heavy Metal style,
but add in some flavoring of Thrash Metal, Power Metal and Folk Metal influences. The
music has a strong Power Metal feel mostly from the vocals. The vocals are very clean
and have a lot of mid to high range. The guitars is where the some what Thrash Metal
influences come in to play with some of the arrangements and riffs. The rest of the music
along with the lyrics is where the Folk Metal elements come into play. These guys
remind me of
DIO if they were a little faster and had a bit of a darker edge. These guys
have taken Metal to a new level and made an all out amazing release. This is a must for
fans of old school Traditional Heavy Metal in the vein of