DARK FOREST hails from the United Kingdom and formed back in 2002 playing
Traditional Heavy Metal / Power Metal music. These guys maybe a Traditional Metal
band of sorts, but they really are in no way Traditional. They play a very Progressive and
well constructed style of Power Metal music. The band has a very melodic and sometimes
dark vibe to their music. The band also has an almost spiritual and up lifting vibe to their
music as well. Not that they are a Christian band, but something in their music takes you
to a whole new plane of existence. The music revolves around mythology, strength, truth
and intellect on so many different levels. The musicianship here is outstanding and so well
crafted it almost doesn't seem real. They have a very strong Power Metal vibe, but with a
more advanced sound. They have kept their traditional epic twin guitar sound which helps
propel their sound above most other bands playing this style. To top off their sound is the
amazing vocal talent of lead singer Josh Winnard who can reach many different pitches and
vocal ranges through out each song. One of the best singers I have heard in a long time in
the Power Metal genre. These guys are like the
DIO band of this generation, but more
advance and progressive than
DIO. I love DIO and Ronnie James Dio is one of the Metal
vocalist ever and I feel he would be highly impressed by Josh's vocal duties and
as a whole. One truly Metal band through and through. These guys must be
heard by as many people as possible. Support this amazing band so we can get many more
incredible releases like "THE AWAKENING" in the future.