Starring: Laurie Baranyay, Steve Colosi, John Freedom, Julian Thomas, Jackeline Olivier & more.

This film is supposed to take place after the original
DAY OF THE DEAD movie. This film takes
place in a mental hospital. When some of the patients are out on a clean up leave, one of them finds
a canister that he takes back to the hospital. Once there, one of the patients opens it & releases a
virus that the patients all breath in. It starts turning them into flesh eating zombies & they start
attacking everyone they can get a bite into. This film was very slow & very poorly writing. The
acting was pretty bad as well, some of the gore scenes were OK though. This film was not writing
or had anything to do with George A Ramero. It's very sad that this film is attached to his classics,
because it does the series no justice!!! Be warned!!!