It's been four years since we had a release from DAYLIGHT DIES in the form of "LOST
TO THE LIVING". Well, the silence has been broken and they offer us a new masterpiece
in the form of "A FRAIL BECOMING". The Doom / Death Metal legends from North
Carolina have once again giving us a great new album. These guys have been around since
1996 and have been putting out releases since 1999. This is the bands fourth full length
studio release. These new album takes the band on a varied journey through different
sounds. They still maintain their Doom Metal core, but add onto that sound. The music
goes through a rough and dreary Doom style into a melodic Death Metal sound into an all
out fast paced and brutal Death Metal sound. The music also has a beautiful dark and
almost sorrowful sound then kicks it up into an aggressive heavy Death metal style. The
vocals are a blend of melodic cold Doom / Sludge vocals and harsh and aggressive Death
growls with some clean vocals mixed in too.
DAYLIGHT DIES are some of the
originators of the Doom / Death style. If you never heard them before think of
& AMORPHIS all combined. Some of the best bands in
their fields and
DAYLIGHT DIES is definitely amongst them!!!