Starring: Ever Carradine, David Carradine, Portia De Rossi, Jeremy Sisto, Bianca Lawson & more.

This film claimed to be the U.S. answer to
SHAUN OF THE DEAD, this was the reason I wanted
to see it. This film has insulted such a great film by making that claim. The movie added in some
comedy along with it's horror. The only problem here, was that the funny parts weren't really
funny & the horror parts were even worst. The film parodies & makes references to a lot of other
great horror films, trying to put itself in their league, but they don't even come close. The only good
part was that there were some really cool bloody gore parts. The story, acting & dialogue were bad..
Ever Carradine was the only one who acted decent in the film, everyone else was poor &
unbelievable. Worth watching once just to see it, but would never view it again. It tries to be like a
TROMA film, but they fail there too. You've been warned!!!