Self Released

DEAD SOUL is a Bay Area Thrash Metal band, but they hail from Italy. These guys
started back in 2005 and created
DEAD SOUL as their love for the Bay Area Thrash Metal
scene. Their music has that classic Thrash Metal sound of the late 80's & early 90's. These
guys could have been pulled right from that time and been placed in the present. The only
difference with these guys is that they have a little more influence from Death Metal in their
music. They remind me of when
adding in Death Metal elements into their music. There is that crisp crunchy Thrash Metal
guitar sound all through out. Tons of grooved out thick bass parts, which I love and it
actually reminded me of
PRO-PAIN who are actually from New York. The dual guitar work
is what I dug the most, because it brought me back to the early days of Thrash Metal to
bands like
ANTHRAX, SLAYER & MEGADETH. not that these guys sound like any of
these bands, but they have that feel. The vocals are done in that killer Crossover style of
harsh Thrash / Death / Hardcore type vocals. I love these guys, because I grew up on Thrash
Metal and it will always be my favorite style of Metal. Everything great about this genre is
right here in the name of
DEAD SOUL. Every die hard Thrash Metal fan needs these guys
in their collection! Thrash til' Death!!!