Self Released

DEADRINGER is a killer Death / Thrash Metal band out of Flint, Michigan. These guys
have been around since 2005 and "LAST ONE STANDING" is the bands second release to
date. These guys play a very cool style of Metal that goes back to the late 80's and early
90's when Thrash Metal and Death metal were starting to merge into each other. They have
a really crunchy guitar sound that is dominated in the Thrash genre and some what
reminded me of
PANTERA & HATEBREED meets TESTAMENT, but with a bit more
gritty sound. I think the grooved out style of the guitars is what really reminded me of
PANTERA. Derek Fletcher and Thomas Jon sound like they are battling each, just going
back and forth with shredding riff after shredding riff. The drums however seems to be
played a little bit more violent and brutal which is where a lot of the Death metal elements
come in. They reminded me of a lot the early Death metal bands coming out of the mid west
here in the states. The vocals of Gabe Allen are done in a Thrash style and kept reminding
me of Phil from
PANTERA & Randy of LAMB OF GOD with some low ended Death
Metal vocals and some higher screechy Death screams mixed in. These guys definitely
sound like they grew up on the streets of Michigan and their music reflects that struggle,
hard, rough lifestyle. If you dig any of the bands mentioned above then your definitely
gonna want get
DEADRINGER in your music collection!