DEALS DEATH is a newer band to emerge from the famed Gothenburg, Sweden area.
These guys have only been together for five years, but they sound like they have been
doing this for many, many years. They play a very popular style of melodic Death Metal
music that embraces the Gothenburg sound that has become extremely popular in the Death
Metal genre. They have a very intricate and involved style of writing and structuring their
songs. The music goes from balls out blasting brutality into melodic and orchestrated
sounding passages. There is a solid Death Metal foundation that these guys build from.
They add in some Progressive Metal parts, especially in the guitar work and keyboards and
the way the songs are laid out. The guitar work also has a bit of Thrash / Speed Metal
elements by the way Erik Jacobson & Sebastian Myrèn play off of each other and bounce
the madness back and forth. The vocals are done in a raw harsh Death Metal growl style,
that is understandable and a lower more melodic Death Metal growl. They even add in some
clean clear Metal vocals. These guys are absolutely amazing and will be another band that
will be a part of the history of the legendary Gothenburg, Sweden Death Metal sound.
DEALS DEATH is a combination of IN FLAMES meets ARCH ENEMY meets
CHILDREN OF BODOM. This is a killer combination, which means that everyone should
get this album and make
DEALS DEATH big part of their collection.