These guys are in no way a typical Grindcore band. They have that old school, crunchy
and noisy Grindcore style, but they add in many other elements to make them stand out.
There are a lot of Death Metal influences, especially in the song arrangements. Thrash
Metal becomes present in some of the Crunchy guitar riffs through out each song and then
we have a lot of Crust present in each song with all the harsh spastic sounds mixed with
in. The vocals round the bands sound out with a blend of Death Metal growls and Grind
core screams. These guys take me back to the days when I was listening to a lot of spastic
Crust & Hardcore combined with early 90's Death Metal and late 90's Grindcore,
especially a lot of stuff coming out of the Czech Republic. These guys are amazing! These
guys will pull in many fans from all the genres above. These guys are truly a Crossover
band and could fit in great with any of the above styles! Another killer release from these