Self Released

DEATHFALL hails from The Netherlands and plays a crushing sound of Death Metal fused
with Hardcore music. This probably stems from the band starting out as a full on Hardcore
band under the name
RIMSHOT. These guys have changed their name and sound to a much
heavier and more brutal style. They take me back to a lot of the New England Hardcore
bands and when they started to merge some more Metal sounds into their music.
DEATHFALL reminds me a lot of HATEBREED mixed with some MADBALL mixed
with some
CANNIBAL CORPSE. They have a very tight some what technical sound while
still staying harsh and brutal. This is a sound that you find in a lot of the newer Metalcore
bands coming out today. These guys could hold their own with many of the big names in the
genre today. If these guys keep putting out quality albums like this one then they will surely
create a name for themselves in the underground Metal scene. Crushing grooves,
breakdowns and spastic shredding all through out. I loved every minute of this amazing
release. Check them out, support them and buy their merchandise!

(Available through BEOWOLF PRODUCTIONS)