DEATHRONATION creeped out of the darkness in Germany back in 2004. The band
plays an old school style of 90's Death Metal music. The music has a cool mix of American
Death Metal, European Death Metal and Czech Republic styled Grindcore all mixed
together to create one crushing sound. I can hear a lot of the grittiness and harshness of
early European Death Metal influences in their sound. Then they throw in some heavy
brutal and aggression found in 90's American Death Metal. Some of the song arrangements
have a vibe like early European Black Metal and then you toss in the fast paced, spastic
and chaoticness of Czech Republic Grindcore that was also coming out in the mid 90's. The
vocals are a cross of harsh Black Metal and brutal Death Metal growls. These guys have an
almost throwback sound to those early day of killer, crushing and amazing underground
bands from the early days of extreme Metal music. Older Metalheads that were around at
the beginning of these scene will truly love these guys! I know I did! The only thing I didn't
like was that they made me feel old when thinking about those days every time I listen to
them. This is another great band that needs more attention, respect & support!