DECEPTOR is a crushing Thrash Metal band from the united Kingdom. These guys have
been shredding it since 2005 and after one listen to "CHAINS OF DELUSION", I hope they
don't stop anytime soon. These guys play a very cool old school style of Thrash Metal that
takes you back to the 80's. This is because there are also heavy Power Metal and Traditional
Heavy Metal elements present all through out. I am a Metal head who grew up in the 80's so
I am loving everything about these guys. The majority of their sound does have that classic
Thrash Metal sound, but more of the German Thrash Metal than and American Thrash
Metal vibe. They then mix in a lot of Traditional Heavy Metal, but more in the vein of The
New Wave Of British Heavy Metal style and this could be because London is their home.
Then you add in some more solid clean and strong Power Metal influences along the lines
of early
ANTHRAX, JUDAS PRIEST & IRON MAIDEN style. I loved this combination
a lot and they pull it off flawlessly. The vocals of Sam Mackertich & Paul Fulda also
crossover these above styles. There is some harsher more aggressive mid ranged Thrash,
mixed with higher pitched clean & melodic Power Metal and some mid ranged clean Heavy
Metal vocals. This is a must for all older Metalheads, especially ones who grew up in the
80's. Another great release from another great band.