DECOMPOSED is a killer old school Death Metal band hailing from Sweden. These guys
may have only been around for five years now, but really seem like they could have been a
part of the great Swedish Death Metal scene of the '90's. They have that killer old school
grooved out Swedish Death Metal style and sound. The music is kind of stripped down
and raw in the sound and done just as brutal as Death metal should be. They also have a
thick almost Doom or Sludge like sound mixed with crushing Death Metal from time to
time. The vocals are a mid ranged thick and sometimes throaty Death Metal growl style. I
grew up listening to bands from Sweden in the '90's and these guys would have stood just
as tall against some of the greats from that time.
"DEVOURING" is the bands second
full length release that just kills from the opening title track  to the final track
"If you dig amazing bands like DISMEMBER, ENTOMBED,
& AMON AMARTH then your going to love
DECOMPOSED. An absolute must for any fan of the Swedish Death Metal scene from
the '90's to today!!!