DEFINITELY A FIRST is a Post Hardcore band hailing from Sumter, South Carolina.
"COLORBLIND" is the bands first full length release that came out in 2014. They have a
foundation of straight up Hardcore, but build off of that by adding in many flavors of
Post Hardcore, Pop Punk and even some Metalcore at times. The faster more aggressive
parts is what I enjoyed most about their sound. It took me back to the late 80's and early
90's Hardcore days. They have a bit of a melodic sound that is mixed in with the
aggression. I'm not a big fan of Post Hardcore bands, but these guys spread it through out
and don't lay it on too much. The guitars is where I hear most of the Metalcore influences
coming out. They go harsh and then a little more polished. The vocals are done in mid
ranged harsh Hardcore vocal style with some melodic Post Hardcore vocals mixed within.
These guys have put out a really solid and good debut full length, which keeps me
waiting to see what they put out next. If your a new school Hardcore fan you must check
these guys out.

                                                                                                  - Reviewed by Burt Wolf