As an explorer into the further reaches of the Metal realm, the description “Technical
Death Metal” has always been a double edged sword, of sorts, for me.  How technical do
we get?  As someone who puts much more importance on atmosphere and feeling, I try
and find a modicum of technicality, mixed with the aforementioned elements. Belgian
DEHUMAN, on this, their second full length album (available from KAOTOXIN
on digital, CD and even LP-in association with DISEMBODIED RECORDS), straddle
this chasm nicely.  The music is definitely of a technical nature, but not so “high tech”
they lose the feel of an actual band to being that of a studio aberration.  The atmosphere
and the feeling are intact, as they whip through chord changes and solos. As a Belgian
band, their location is almost audible as well… I definitely get the feel of early 1990’s
western European Death Metal bands like early
GOREFEST. Vocally I find them very
akin to the Theo Loomins (RIP) era
ASPHYX. Though the bridge between the old and the
new is maintained with the more technical elements of the tracks “Sepulcher Of
Malevolence” and “Goddess Of Sins“, assuming more of a modern era American Death
Metal sound, structurally at least. “GRAVEYARD OF EDEN” comes across as an
excellent blend of the old and the new.  I think young fans and those relatively new to
Death Metal, could gleam a great deal from this record, a slow dip into the past of Death
Metal while simultaneously enjoying much of what the present scene has to offer.  Fans of
GOREFEST, ASPHYX and a lot of what NUCLEAR BLAST was releasing circa 1993
would find a satisfying purchase herein.
                                                                                           - (Reviewed by Keith Dempe)