Having not heard anything from this Polish band since their “HOSTILE BLOOD” CD
back in 2003, it was a pleasure getting a refresher course in this technical Death Metal
band who also have two members in common with the great
DEIVOS utilize abyssal, industrial passages as introductions and outro-ductions to every
one of the 6 songs on this album. These provide a fitting atmosphere that builds into, and
then from, the structurally complex Death Metal that
DEIVOS put on display here.  This
giving the effect of a “from chaos we come, and from chaos we return”, sort of concept.  
Given the machination on the intros and outros coupled with the extreme, almost
mechanical precision of the music, this was a well conceived plan. The technicality and
instrumental precision of
VADER is evident from the get go.  At times, even surpassing
the reading that
VADER’s more complex material would get on the technicality gauge,
bursting out in a withering storm of rhythm changes, some without even a moment’s
notice. Nothing stays the status quo long enough in
DEIVOS’ music to actually be able to
properly be deemed “the status quo”. There is certainly no “standard” song structure to be
found here. There are labels that fill their entire roster FULL of only the most technical in
the Death Metal genre and, in fact, the Death Metal genre does lend itself well to bands at
the more technical of the spectrum. As far as that spectrum can go would be where you
DEIVOS with their fourth full length album “THEODICY”. Fans of bands who find
MORBID ANGEL’s songs too simplistic would be well advised to check this one
out.  For the avid fan of extremely fast and complex Death Metal, “THEODICY” is
money well spent.
                                                                                           - (Reviewed by Keith Dempe)