Dutch Symphonic Metal act DELAIN has released their third full length album, "WE
ARE THE OTHERS". This is the bands first release in three years, since 2009's "APRIL
RAIN". The band hails from the Netherlands and has a very Progressive Metal sound.
There are many elements of Power, Thrash, Gothic & Symphonic Metal all present in the
bands sound. The band is once again fronted by Charlotte Wessels with her angelic,
operatic and beautiful vocals. Ex-
WITHIN TEMPTATION and founder of the band
Martijn Westerholt helps expand the bands sound with his keyboard expertise. If you are
familiar with any of the other Progressive Metal bands on
your sure to love
DELAIN. They stand out amongst their label mates. The combination of
the above mentioned Metal styles really helps. They combine a lot of these styles through
out each song, but at times one style will dominate over the other. This is one band I have
been always anxious to hear the next release, which is too few and too far in between. This
album is the bands most diverse so far, from the lyrical concepts of fantasy, reality and
historical themes to the connecting of the different sounds all bound together with a
Progressive Metal sound.
DELAIN has out done themselves on this new release and I
can't wait to hear what they have for us next!