DELIRIUM X TREMENS is an Italian Death Metal band that formed back in 1998. These
guys have been around for some time now and have gone through some slight changes over
the years. With this new release the band comes out with some well constructed and well
thought out Death metal music. These guys are in no way a typical Death metal band. They
add in much more character to their form of Death metal music. They have a bunch of more
melodic and atmospheric Death Metal parts. Adding these elements helps them stand out
from the many clones in the scene today. The bands sound does have some elements that are
heavily influenced by Black Metal, but they are just enough to keep them in the Death Metal
genre. They also add in some darker and slower parts that are a bit grimy and sound almost
like a thick Doom Metal sound. When the music speeds up a bit in pace they tend to have an
old school Death Metal sound like older European Death Metal from the late 80's to mid 90's.
There is a lot going on in this band with a very Progressive Death Metal sound. They almost
remind me of
MESHUGGAH if they were playing Black Metal music merged with Death
metal. The bands sound being different could also be a reflection of the band singing about
Myths, Science & Technology in their lyrics. If you want to hear a very powerful and unique
Death metal band that really stands out and above the many, many clones in the scene today
then check these guys out! Their last release "CREHATED FROM NO THING" was great,
but "BELO DUNUM: ECHOES FROM THE PAST" is simply amazing!!!