DELIRIUM X TREMENS is an Italian Death Metal band that formed back in 1998. The
band took a few years to get a stable line up which they then put out their first release.
The band has progressed a lot since those early days. "DROPS OF STONE..." is a two
song single release put out before their full length "BELO DUNUM, ECHOES FROM
THE PAST". These two songs really showcase the strength and greatness of this band
though. They are a more technical sounding and Progressive Death Metal band. The core of
the band is brutal Death Metal with elements of both new and old school styles, but there
is so much more. There is an almost Epic Folk Metal presence in their sound as well as
some Death Rock styles that reminded me of the great
ENTOMBED at times. They add in
flavoring of Classic Rock in certain parts too. This is definitely a very unique and original
sounding Death Metal band. If these two songs got me this excited and can't wait to hear
the full length. This is one for Death Metal fans with an open mind and don't think it's got
to be brutal blasting all the time. Search these guys out cause you'll like what you find!!!