DEMONS WITHIN is a brutal groove Death Metal band hailing from Cleveland, Ohio.
These guys play a very cool blend of Thrash Metal & Death Metal that meshes together
with ease. They may tend to lean more towards the Death Metal side, in almost every
aspect, but the Thrash Metal elements are very present as well. These mostly come into
play within the guitars. It's the fast riffing and crunchy guitar sound and the grooved out
arrangements that give it that Thrash Metal vibe. The rest of the band tends to lean towards
and old school Death Metal sound. The vocals are done in a Death Metal growl style, but
are done in a way that you can understand the lyrics. Sometimes they have a straight up
growl style and others a more screeching Black Metal growl. The one band that kept coming
to mind every time I played this CD was
LAMB OF GOD. I know that there are a lot of
bands out there that play this similar style, but these guys are just as good, if not better
LAMB OF GOD. The fact that these aren't signed to a big name Metal label is beyond
me. Someone should them and soon! Check these guys out now before they become huge
and take over the Metal world!