DEROGATORY formed back in 2010 out of the Los Angeles, California area. These guys
play a style that is reminiscent of the music in the early '90's when Death Metal was
starting to take it's shape, especially here in the United States. These guys have a very
strong Florida Death Metal vibe. The music is very tight and played fast and precise with
lots of blasting barrages of Death Metal mayhem. The guitar work reminds me a little of
Thrash Metal mixed with Death Metal mixed with Grindcore. I really dug this sound a lot.
Sometimes one of the styles would dominate the guitar sound, while at other times they
would mesh together. The drums had a thick raw driving and pulsing beat to them and they
reminded me of Charlie Benante of
ANTHRAX mixed with Dave Lombardo of SLAYER,
but if they were playing in a Death Metal band. The vocals of Christian Ordonez are done
in a low ended thick and raw old school Death Metal growl style. These guys reminded me
of the early days of my life in the underground scene doing all my tape trading with tons of
new killer bands. If you were to mix together elements of early
then you would get DEROGATORY. If the above list of bands is not
enough for you to pick up this release, then you obviously don't know what killer Death
Metal music is. This is a must for all those old school die hard Death Metal fans.