If you want killer new school Grindcore, then look no further than Brazil's own
DESALMADO. These guys were created back in 2004 and they have been crushing the
underground scene with their Grindcore ever since. This is only the bands second release in
the 8 years of existence, but it is well worth the time that has passed. They have a slightly
different kind of Grindcore sound than what we usually hear. They mash their sound up
with some old school styled Death Metal music that reminds me of a lot of the early 90's
Death Metal bands if they played Grindcore. They even throw in a little Crust from time to
time. I love the speed these guys possess in their sound. I was really big into Grindcore in
the 90's and I got most of my fix from the Czech Republic. It now seems like there are a lot
of great bands coming from other places in the world now.
DESALMADO would definitely
go to the top of the list of most Grindcore fans favorite bands.  All I kept think was if
BRUJERIA was a Grindcore band this is what they would sound like.