"MY EMPIRE" is the debut full length release from Germany's DESERTED FEAR. These
guys have been around since 2007 and have only released one demo prior to these release
entitled simply "DEMO 2010". These guys have quickly made a name for themselves in the
German underground Metal scene. With the release of "MY EMPIRE" they are going to
gain a much bigger following. They play a raw old school style of Death Metal, but in the
vein of Polish & Swedish Death Metal combined. These are both amazing forms of Death
Metal, so you already know
DESERTED FEAR is going to crush it. These guys have a
very tight brutal sound, but there is a rawness that blankets the sound through out. The
guitars sounds of Manuel Glatter & Fabian Hildebrandt have that sound from when Thrash
Metal was evolving into Death Metal. It is clean crisp Thrash, but gritty and dirty sounding
old school Death Metal at the same time. The Vocals are done in a mid to low ranged
aggressive Death growl style that has a little bit Grind mixed in. They are almost like if a
Punk singer mixed with a Grindcore singer and decided to sing Death Metal. These guys are
another great Death Metal band produce by Germany. If you were to merge great Polish
bands like
Swedish bands like
ENTOMBED, BLOODBATH & DISMEMBER you'd get a good idea
of what
DESERTED FEAR is all about! One hell of a band that deserves much, much,
much attention!!!