DESHODY hails from Sora, Italy and play a killer style of Metal that they call
Thrashcore. The music takes a lot of the elements and influences of 80's and 90's Thrash
Metal and submerges it in Metalcore of the present day. The music has some really killer
grooved out Thrash Metal arrangements that would get an crowd into a circle pit frenzy.
The thick bass sound they have that accompanies the crunchy guitars really gives them a
harder sound and moves them a little into the Metalcore genre. The harsher vocal style of
Domenico Gesmundo is why they have a lot of Metalcore elements. The vocals are done
in a harsher and more gritty Thrash style with thicker and more low ended Death growls
mixed in, but you can still understand them. These guys reminded me a lot of
& Randy Blythe a lot. They lay on that line of being more than just a typical
Thrash Metal band and heavy enough to pull in Death Metal fans as well. There is also a
bit of a modern technical Metal sound that runs straight through a lot of their songs. This
also gives them a more unique sound and really helps them stand out from the sea of other
bands trying to do the same thing.
DESHODY is one of the better and more talented
musically bands out there playing today. If these guys keep going this way they will soon
become a more well recognized and respected band in the Metal community. This is an
absolute must for Metal fans!!!