DESOLATION is a Death Metal band out of Hanover, Germany. The band formed back
in 1994 and has put out three full length albums, the newest being "DISORIENTED". The
band, like many bands has gone through a lot of line up changes and musical changes.
These guys are a Death Metal band, but they have a lot atmospheric and orchestrated parts
within their sound. They do add in a lot of Black Metal elements as well. This is mostly in
the darker atmospheric parts. The core of the music is fast paced brutal old school Death
Metal from the '90's with an American Death Metal sound. The thing that sets them apart
is the injection of the Black Metal. The Black Metal influences are dark, cold and gritty old
school European Black Metal. The vocals are a combination of these two styles as well.
They mix thick and groggy Death Metal growls with mid to higher ranged Black Metal
screams / growls. These guys remind me of some of the bands I would deal with in the early
days of my label and webzine. If you dig bands that have that classic old school Black /
Death Metal sound, then your going to love
DESOLATION. These guys have taken that
old sound and put their own twist on it and made it fresh and more modern sounding.