Self Released

DESPOT is a old school Black Metal band hailing from Brazil. "PICTURES OF THE
VOID" is the bands newest EP release which came out in early 2015 as a digital release.
There are only for tracks here, but last over 25 minutes in total. The music takes me back
to my tape trading days with bands from around the world through snail mail. I know
some of you reading this find that hard to believe we actually would write real letters on
paper and send them through snail mail. This was the best times in the underground.
DESPOT takes me back to those days when you would discover a new band from a flier
and write to them and get their demo. These guys have an old school dark Black Metal
sound. It has a very European mixed with Greek and Italian Black Metal. I not familiar
with a lot of Black Metal bands from Brazil, but I like what these guys have to offer.
There is a some what harsh and almost mystical and mechanical feel at times. I like the
keyboard sound here because it isn't over bearing, it tends to set the mood for their sound
just giving them a little more depth. It's not symphonic or orchestrated like a lot of Black
Metal bands today. They do add in a lot of Death Metal elements through out with some
hints of Gothic Metal as well, this would be because of the keyboards. The vocals are
done in a mid ranged groggy and throaty style with some lower more haunting Death
Metal type growls. The thing I like is that you can understand most of the vocals, but
still have that gritty Black Metal vibe. Fans of early
& DARKTHRONE should check these guys out!

                                                                                                - Reviewed by Burt Wolf