Sweden offers us up another amazing Metal band, this time in the form of DESULTOR.
These guys formed back in 2007 and have just unleashed their debut full length album
"MASTERS OF HATE". These guys play a unique style of Progressive Metal music.
They combine many elements of Thrash, Speed, Death & Power Metal together to create
their sound. The music itself falls more in the range of Thrash & Death Metal music, but
it's much more. It has a really huge Epic Metal feel over all. This comes into play because
of the technical and strong song structures and the clean crisp guitar work. They add in
lots of Speed & Power Metal arrangements in the guitar sound as well. The hyper fast
paced drumming is where a lot of the Death metal dominates. The vocals are a
combination of all these styles as well. There is clean melodic higher pitched Power
Metal vocals, with mid ranged harsher Thrash Metal type screams and then some lower
ended Death Metal growls. This band definitely has a lot to offer fans of all styles of
Metal music. It was a long time coming for this debut release, but it was well worth the
wait! If your into Metal of any form then pick this up!