DEUS OTIOSUS  Is a killer Death metal band from Denmark. The band has been
shredding it's old release it is. These guys have a crushing old school Death Metal sound
that is reminiscent of a lot of the great bands coming out of Sweden in the 90's. There is a
strong brutal and aggressive fast paced style, but they do add in some more technical
sounding parts through out. Sometimes the guitar work leans a little bit towards a Thrash
Metal sound at times. There is a very tight and full sound that this younger band has that
sounds so professional. These guys can hang with any of the bigger
DEUS Death Metal
bands playing the same style of music. In fact, they would blow most of them away,
because they are much better in every way than most of the bands out there now.
will be a name that every Death Metal fan will know, especially if these guys
keep going this way. I couldn't stop listening to this amazing album. It is one of the best
Death Metal releases I have heard in the last 5 years. I love this CD! Every Death Metal
fan must have this in their collection and these guys need to get all the support they can,
because it is well deserved! Buy it & blast it loud and often!