Self Released

DEUXVOLT is an Italian Industrial band that was formed in 2010. These guys and girls
are in no way a typical sounding Industrial band though. They base the foundation of the
bands sound in Industrial but build off of that with musical elements of Gothic, Techno,
Dance and Metal. The music is very driven with an up beat Dance vibe, but it has very
dark overtones covering it all through out. The balance between the lower deep male
vocals and the higher more angelic and melodic female vocals just adds to the bands
sound. There is a creepiness to the bands sound at times too. They add in some sound
clips from movies and TV shows that goes along with the music. has mixed it in so well
that it hooks you. The dark elements they have really helps as well. I really dug this and
found myself wanting to play the album over and over again. It was like a darker and
more Gothic Industrial version of
EVANESCENCE with a Techno remix sound. Even if
your not a fan of this style of music you must check this out. You'll be surprised at how
much this band pulls you in. I would love to see this band in concert cause I get the
feeling they would put on an amazing live show.