"CONCEIVED IN SEWAGE" is the fourth album release from this Dallas, Texas based
Death Metal band. These guys have been tearing up the underground Death Metal scene since
1995 and have never stopped. They have gone through a lot of break ups, member changes
and much more, but all these hurdles have gotten to one of the bands best albums ever. I have
been following these guys for years and they have evolved into one of the best brutal "Slam"
Death Metal bands in the scene. They play a mixture of old school brutal Death Metal with
new school technical Death Metal and mixed all in with Grindcore. I really dig the way these
guys pull all this together and come out with a huge massive sound. There is chugging
crunchy guitars that then rip off into fast paced grinding guitar riffs then into a technical
Death arrangement.. The drums lay between old school brutal Death Metal and spastic solid
Grindcore madness. The vocals are low ended thick guttural Death growls that have a bit of
groove to them. There is no wonder why these guys are one of the best bands to ever come
out of Texas, or even the United States. If you don't beleive me, then pick up this release and
blast it! Prepare for the chaos, because
DEVOURMENT is here to take their place at the top
of the Death Metal "Slam" pile!!!