Anyone who is a die hard Death Metal fan should be very familiar with the great
DIABOLICAL. These guys formed back in 1996 out of Sundvall, Sweden and have
forever left their mark on the Death Metal world. They came out at a time where they
really stood out amongst the many Death Metal clones of the time.
a very Progressive and technical style of Death Metal music. They have a very solid and
innovative sound. These guys have always come out with something new and improved,
but always keeping that core sound very present. This time around the guys have done it
again with "NEOGENESIS", the bands fourth full length release. On "NEOGENESIS" they
delve deeper in leaving a darker impression for the listener. This is a concept album, but is
also a novel. Each song is a chapter of the book that unites the music, lyrics, storytelling &
philosophy of "NEOGENESIS".
DIABOLICAL combines some old school European
Death Metal elements with new school Progressive and Technical Death Metal elements.
This band was ahead of it's time when they first emerged on the scene. With one listen to
this album you can see they have progressed even further. The music will take you from all
out blasting mayhem, straight into a melodic and atmospheric Death fantasy with touches
of Goth and Black metal sprinkled in along the way. The thick throaty Death growls
accompanied by some mid ranged clean vocals and some chant along melodic vocals really
makes them stand high above a lot of the other bands in their genre.
always been one of my favorite underground Death Metal bands, and should be a much
bigger name in the Death Metal scene. After one listen you will understand why. One of
the most all around talented bands from musicianship, song writing and creativity.
DIABOLICAL is one of the greats we will be talking about for years! "NEOGENESIS" is
truly an amazing experience from beginning to end and every fan of intelligent, creative and
well constructive Death Metal should get this album and take the experience for
themselves! There is no surprise that Sweden spawned these guys!