Self Released

DICHOTOMY is a five price technical Death Metal band hailing from Ireland. The first
things I want to say is why aren't these guys signed to a label? These guys play a killer
combination of technical and brutal Death Metal music. The musicianship and talent these
guys have is unbelievable. They are way more advanced and talented then a lot of the
bigger named bands out there now. The music is set in a more Deathcore style, but with
much better song writing and structuring. The music goes from hyper speed technicality
straight into a repeatedly punches to face brutality. They add in a bit of groove to their
songs in certain spots, that would not only get Metal fans moshing, but also get Hardcore
fans on their feet and going crazy. The guitar work from Rats and Andrew Kelly is super
tight and has a lot of shredding and chugging guitar riffs mixed together. Dave's drumming
is hyper fast and almost sounds like a machine gun at times. Kev's vocals are done in a
thick mid ranged harsh Death growl / scream style that reminded me of Randy Blithe from
LAMB OF GOD, but heavier and harsher. DICHOTOMY is one of the finest and most
talented Metal bands I have ever heard come out of Ireland. Hopefully "PARADIGMS"
will spread across the globe and give these guys a lot of attention, because they sure
deserve it. Then hopefully a label will then sign these guys so we can get many killer
release from them in the future. One hell of a band and one hell of a debut release.