DIE CHOKING is a three piece band from my home town of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
These guys play a killer mash up of Punk / Grindcore and Metal. The band consists of Paul
J Herzog (ex-
TOTAL FUCKING DESTRUCTION) on bass/vocals, Joshua T. Cohen
COP PROBLEM) on drums, and Jeffrey V. Daniels (BURDEN) on guitar. Their music is
an explosion of pure brutality in it's fastest and most chaotic form. There is a foundation of
Grindcore that they build from by adding in flavoring of Punk and Metal to the mix. The
fast paced noisy and spastic parts is where the Grindcore is present. From there they add
in layers of Punk angst and attitude then toss in some Speed Metal guitar riffs and Thrash
metal grooves. From there they cover the whole think with Crust and Hardcore. The vocals
are a blend of these styles as well, but for the most part are Grindcore screams and yells.
DIE CHOKING, to me embodies that classic East Coast Punk / Hardcore / Metal vibe
from the late '70's and early '80's of teen angst, anti-government and anti-authority. My
only complaint for this amazing release is that it's too short, but I gladly don't mind
listening to it over and over again. Another great band to emerge from the Philadelphia