Portland, Oregon's DIESTO are back with their fifth LP release "FOR WATER OR
BLOOD". For over ten years now these guys have been pummeling listeners with their riff
laden music. They started out as a more Noise Rock type band, but over the years have
evolved into the Doom / Sludge Metal band they are today. They have really thick pulse
pounding bass riffage all through out their music. The music is very drawn out with a slow
dragging Doom Metal style. They sort of have a Southern Metal sound that reminded me a
lot of the way
CROWBAR play their brand of Doom Metal, just that this was much
slower and a bit thicker. There are slow cold passages all through out that kind of gave the
feel of some older European Black Metal bands. Their music has tons of thick crawling
riffs, heavy hooks and intermixed guitar sounds. The vocals are done in a thick mid ranged
Doom Metal style that are throaty at times and powerful at others.
DIESTO are definitely
one of the best bands to ever emerge out of Oregon and by far one of the best Doom Metal
bands I have ever heard. This is an absolute must for fans of
SLEEP. Check these guys out
if you feel you can handle the heaviness!