Self Released

"PSYCHOGENIC ATROPHY" is eight sloppy tech tracks of a poor mans
MESSUGGUAH - this shits crazy! This band is from Oakland, California and that is
one fucked up city. It makes sense this band is a disturbing thinking mans Metal. There
are a lot of Jazz cords from hell of Metal lots of Horror over tones to the sounds. The
guitarist, Nolan Cook and Drew Cook, drummer / vocalist Harland Burkhart and bassist /
vocalist Greg Brace blast threw eight tracks of sick minded Metal. It's a barrage of
twisted mental mind fuck of music. Bi-polar people might relax to this. People on heroine
might get a speed fix from this and pot heads might murder people while listening to this.
If Frank Zappa created a Thrash Metal group -
DIMESLAND would be it....


                                                                                  - Reviewed by Roddy Heybaker