Self Released

DIVINITY is a Technical Death Metal band from Calgary Alberta, Canada not to be
confused with another band by the same name from Quebec Canada. With lyrical themes
about sensitive issues like emotions and real life situations which are powerful subjects
that many fans could relate to. This band is basically telling a relevant story in their
music. Starting around 1999 releasing a demo in 2002, followed by another demo in 2004
finally releasing two full length albums along with first of three EPs that is the beginning
of a story 2013 called "THE IMMORTALIST: PART ONE" and finally releasing the
second part called "THE IMMORTALIST: PART TWO - MOMENTUM:  which is the
most current EP to date that is the continuation of the 2013 effort. "THE
IMMORTALIST: PART 2" is a brilliant four track disc that will reek havoc with your
head released independently in February of 2016. This band in my opinion, is grossly
underrated and should be amongst the top with the well known and legendary Death
Metals bands.
DIVINITY are masters at incorporating other genres in to their own music
such as Progressive and Thrash. This album maybe short but mighty. The perfect brand
of dual style vocals give them a one two punch between clean and deep guttural vocals,
both the drumming and guitars are very heavy, kinda spastic but mostly in sync with Epic
Metal that will satisfy any extreme Metal fan. For fans of


                                                                                         - Reviewed by Kevin Cressman