DOCTRINE OF ETHOS is a Prog Rock / Metal band out of Myrtle Beach, South
Carolina. The band plays a heavier style of Prog Rock / Metal music than what you would
normally hear. They have a very aggressive and progressive sound, with some melodic and
atmospheric parts thrown in the mix. There is a strong '70's Prog Rock meets modern
Progressive Metal sound with a Modern Metal vibe. The band has a very atmospheric
sound to their music that takes you into a fantasy world at times. I feel this is probably
because of the angelic and mystical vocals of lead singer Natalie Roberts. Her vocals
reminded me of a mix between Christina Scabbia of
LACUNA COIL & Amy Lee of
EVANESCENCE with touches of Lzzy Hale of HALESTORM. The rest of the band has
a very cool grooving sound in a lot of their songs along with some killer riffing and cool
change ups. These guys have a bright future if they keep putting out amazing albums like
"TIME IS NEAR". This album doesn't have one aspect of it that isn't good and I couldn't
find anything bad to say about it, even if I wanted to. All I can say is jump on board with
this band now before they explode and everyone is talking about them.