DODSVARG, which means DEATH WOLF is a one man music project out of Sweden.
Jon is the soul mastermind behind all this madness. He has written, composed and
performed all the songs here. The music is a bit hard to describe, because it doesn't fit to
just one genre of music. It definitely has an old school late '80's and early '90's European
vibe to it. The music is done in a kind of Industrial / Death Metal style. The sound is really
dark and cold like most Industrial music, but there is a lot of Death Metal within the music
as well. There is also some really harsh Black Metal type elements to the sound that
remind me of a lot of the old Nordic Black Metal bands when they first started out. There
is this really strong harshness to the sound. Then you throw in some old school D.I.Y.
European Punk from the '70's for that spastic attitude. Some of the music tends to have a
sort of Drone or Noisecore type vibe as well. The vocals are done in a mid ranged
screaming Black Metal / Grindcore type vocals with some lower Death Metal growls
blended in.
DODSVARG is all over the place with it's music and usually I have a hard time
getting into bands like this, but I loved it. I wanted a lot more after the four songs on this
album were over. This may not be for everyone, but I still feel everyone should give this a
listen. It is some unique killer original sounding music!