In 2005 a Death Metal band from Pordenone Italy called ESEQUIE was born. But in just
three year they split up in 2008 for reasons unknown. In late 2008 early 2009 from a dead
carcass of one band, another band was formed. The new band is called
which is a Death Metal and Thrash band. They mainly are influenced by Death Metal,
you can hear it in the music. They released their debut album in 2014 "TOWARDS THE
LIGHT". It was an independent release. With an ominous intro, guttural vocals and blast
beats. This album will leave you wanting more. The band just recently signed a deal with
LAVADOME PRODUCTIONS, who is a Death Metal label from Czech Republic. With
this new deal they put out a EP called "EMISSARIES OF MORNING" in 2016. With a
full length and an EP under their belt it's exciting to hear up and coming bands. I can't wait
to hear more of them in the future.

                                                                                       - Reviewed by Kevin Cressman