DOOMSDAY is a new and killer side project from members of  CHROME WAVES,
TITLED" EP is the bands first release to date. If you are looking for something that sounds
like the members main bands, then think again. This new project of theirs is a Death / Crust
/ Booze influenced Punk Rock band. The music is super raw and crusty sounding Punk
Rock that has been drowned in Death Metal music. The music & production of the album
reminded me of the old days of demo trading with it's rawness & unpolished production
sound. I'm sure this was intentional and it sounds great. A bit of nostalgic old school
brought to the present. The music at times has a slow dirty crawl sound that is mostly
found in Doom Metal music. There is a weird atmospheric sound that kind of blankets the
music at times too. The static and noisy guitar sound gives it a lot of the Crust elements.
The spastic angst driven sound is where the Punk Rock comes into play and the thick
throaty vocals is where most of the Death Metal surfaces. This is a really cool side project
from these guys and hopefully won't be just a one & done thing. If you don't mind a lot of
other genres infused into your Death Metal then you'll want to snag this little gem! It's an
amazing little EP, but too short for my tastes! It left me wanting more tunes and I hope we
get them soon!