Most people in the Metal community should already know who Doro Pesch is and she
needs no introduction. But, for those newbies to the scene,
DORO is the Metal queen and
deserve the utmost respect. She is a Heavy Metal icon and has stayed true to her roots after
all these years. She started out in the 80's with her now legendary band
then embarked on a solo career and then came back with
DORO shortly after. She plays an
aggressive style of Heavy Metal that is much harder and passionate that most of the stuff
that emerged from the 80's. This could be partly due to the fact she is from Germany. The
music is more hard edged and aggressive than most and definitely one of the most talented
female vocalist to be in Metal music. This new release "RAISE YOUR FIST" is sort of her
tribute to her career and the Metal genre in general. Her vocals have never sounded better,
so some things do get better with age and time. Each album she puts out sounds better than
the previous and once again this is true. This time around she really planted her sound
between the stuff she did with
WARLOCK and her solo career. The great Lemmy from
MOTORHEAD does a duet with her on the song "It Still Hurts" and guitarist Gus G. from
OZZY / FIREWIND also make a guest appearance on the album as well. If any female
singer (or male singer) in Metal music wants to hear a living legend and find out what a
truly amazing vocalist sounds like then look no further than
DORO. I know she gets much
recognition for her part in Metal history, but in my opinion, it is never enough and she
deserves much more. "RAISE YOUR FIST" is by far the best music she has put out (in an
already amazing back catalog)! After one listen to this album, you will know why she has
lasted for so many years!