I was very happy to find this release in my review pile. I have been a fan of DORO since
here days back in the 80's in her band
WARLOCK. I always felt that she never got the due
respect back then, because of the Metal scene being flooded with so many bad bands back
then. She kind of got pushed a side and was not giving much attention here in the states. The
true Metal fans latched onto her talent and followed this amazing vocalist & musician.
DORO has been going strong all these years and not giving up the fight for Metal. She has
since been crowned the Queen Of Metal by the Metal world. "UNDER THE SKIN" is a two
CD collection of
DORO classic cuts from her career. There are over thirty tracks that
include many classic hits, b-sides and other rarities. This collection really showcases that
talents of
DORO and her incredible career in the Heavy Metal world. She has been a huge
inspiration for many Metalheads male & especially female who have come after her. This is
a must for any fan of her music as well as any new fans that are just discovering her. I am
glad to see she is starting to gain much more attention and respect in the Metal music scene.
This is the only evidence you need to see why she so deserves it! God save the Queen, of
Metal!!! Long Live