Self Released

Emerging out of California in 2006, DREAMING DEAD are back with their sophomore
release "MIDNIGHTMARES". This three piece plays Progressive / Melodic Death
Metal music. The core of the band is centered around Death Metal, but they add in some
flavouring to help them stand out from the norm. They add in some slower more melodic
parts that almost give them a Gothic Metal vibe at times. With the song structures and
arrangements is where you can find most of the Progressive Metal parts coming into play.
The combined vocals of Elizabeth Schall and  Michael Caffell help round out the bands
sound with a mix of Death & Black Metal styles. Needless to say,
adds in a lot of elements from other Metal genres, but they are Death Metal at heart. It's
actually hard to believe this is only a three piece with how full and powerful a sound they
have. I loved their last release "WITHIN ONE" and was surprised that they haven't been
picked up by another label. With one listen to this new release you will understand why
I'm saying this. They have progressed well beyond their last offering and have pushed
themselves to a higher level. If you don't mind some other Metal genres flavouring you
Death Metal then you definitely want to sink your teeth into this amazing new release!!!