Self Released

DROP BUNNY is a seven piece Metal band out of Melbourne, Australia. These guys play a
unique style of Metal blending together various sub genres to create their sound. There is a
strong melodic Modern Metal sound that dominates a lot of their sound. They do add in lots
of heavier more aggressive Metal styles too like Thrash Metal, Groove Metal some slight
Stoner / Doom Metal. These sounds come across in the guitar arrangements the most and the
guitar playing. There is a strong metallic tinge that is inter woven in all their songs that give
the band a strong Industrial sound as well. This part of their sound reminded me of the
Experimental / Industrial Metal sounds of the great
GODFLESH, but with a more melodic
over tone. There are some weird and odd mixtures and arrangements in the music that
reminds me a little bit of
TOOL or A PERFECT CIRCLE at times. The vocals are a
strong combination of Metal / Hardcore & Industrial type vocals. They are loud, aggressive
and screaming at times like in most Hardcore, then a mid ranged clean melodic Metal style
and they are all covered in a cringe like harsh Industrial style.
DROP BUNNY has a killer
mix of sounds that most people into all the above styles will surely get into, while some fans
of just one of these styles will probably be confused or turned off by. I am a big fan of the
above mentioned styles so I was really digging these guys a lot. A killer blend of extreme
styles done right. Check these guys out, but make sure to turn it up loud when listening!