Archaic North Entertainment

Emerging in 1999 from Canada's darkness comes the Black Metal band ECLIPSE
. ECLIPSE ETERNAL started out as a straight forward Black Metal band
playing in the chaotic styles of the greats
Over the years the band has changed into a Black Metal band that has much more to offer.
They are still playing in their cold harsh and chaotic style, but it is more of a controlled
chaos. They have added more variety, will still sticking to their original formula. There is
still the violent, aggressive and harsh nature they have been known for, but they have
added some more melodic and emotional intensity that previous albums did not have.
There is also a mixture of harsh groggy Black Metal growls & screams with some more
clean and almost spoken word like Black Metal vocals. It's great to see how far this great
band has come since their early days. Fans of the old material will be happy as well as
newer Black Metal fans of the band. Old school Black Metal at it's finest! Horns raised!